As some of locals will be saying, “Kia Ora”…. This blog is about to be flipped.

In about 10 hours I am on my way to Auckland, New Zealand for 3 weeks of invited workshops primarily at my hosts at UNITEC with other visits scheduled to Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Waikato Institute of Technology, and Manukau Institute of Technology. Some of this has been continued communication with colleagues I met during my sabbatical visit in 2000.

Time to synchronize watches, either by my personal World Clock or this quick hack effort:

< ?php $now = time(); echo "Phoenix Time: ” . date(“M d Y, h:i a”, $now) . “Auckland Time ” . date(“M d Y, h:i a”, $now + 20 * 3600);

With this time there, I shall not be actively blogging here, but will be on my inverted CogDogBlog located on a UNITEC server, or the CogDog(kiwi)Blog. I am setting up an embedded feed from my NZ blog to keep things connected here at home…

< ?php // declare Feed2Js variables $src = ''; $chan = 'y'; $num = 10; $desc = 400; $date = 'y'; $targ = 'y'; // include the feed2php include file include '/var/www/html/feed/'; ?>

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