There was dust and some missing pieces to my sidebar list of blogs I read regularly– which I spit out from Bloglines using their JavaScript insert to list on the sidebar of CDB.

A number of old favorites have gone quiet, and sorry, but have slipped off my radar, quite a few I added, especially from some good ideas from the EduBlog Awards. These are the sites I have in my NetNewsWire, where the 2.0 version exports nicely to a formatted OPML file that supports group lists, and that I can directly upload to Bloglines.

It is not all inclusive, and ought to be tuned up more often. In my mind, reading (and commenting and trackbacking) is just as important as publishing in the blog-o-verse.

The post "Housecleaning the Blogroll" was originally assembled from spare parts of a 1957 Chevy at CogDogBlog ( on December 10, 2004.

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