I’ve written before about the sheer joy of getting feedback on a now 11 year old online Writing HTML tutorial…. see [1] [2] [3], but still get a warm feeling with emails like this one that arrived yesterday:

I have read this material for one month (Writting HTML). I think that this material is very good. I could make a simple web page for my teaching. (I am a Informatic teacher in Viet Nam). I hope You can help me to make a E-learning web page on Internet professionally.

Thank you very much

I hope that I may hear from you soon

Sincerely yours

Nguyen ___________

For what its worth, Writing HTML tutorial is a free, self-paced tutorial for those that seek informal learning (for their own interests), but I also hear of teachers who use it with their web classes. But to think something we wrote and slapped up on the net could help someone I do not know and may never meet who lives in Viet Nam… well, that just makes the heart forget all about spammers.

I feel… well happy. And maybe I will write only nice things this week.

And although the Writing HTML content is a little crusty on HTML (it covers pre-CSS, HTML 3.2), the feedback comes in regularly, maybe 4-10 per week from people who are gaining value from it and piles up in a nice collection.


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