Bugs-3 Oi, have the spammers gone wacko. Bonkers. What are they smokin’? Got a notice yesterday one tried to insert a bunch of typical “win poker cialis v*iagra celebrity beastiality pix enlarge your _____ shrink your ______ bad credit erased” URLs into one of our sites that allows honest people to design a customized style sheet.

As my childhood hero would chuckle, “What a Maroon! What an Ignoranamus!” hahahahaha Even if this spam attempt actually landed on my web site (which is does not), how exactly would spam URLs in a CSS file gain an advantage for their insipid enterprises? Are they that desperate to shove their crap in every web form on the net? How does that work, spammer? I still seek to understand you, where are you? Why won’t you write?

What a moroon, indeed. All of’ em.

The post "What a Maroon" was originally rescued from the bottom of a stangant pond at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2004/12/what-a/) on December 21, 2004.

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    Referrer Madness

    It used to be fun to check my Manila referrer logs on a regular basis because I always used to be able to find a link or two to sites or people that were writing about blogs or other tools in schools.