Sometime between 1:00 Am yesterday and 11:00 am today I think this server was down– I could not ping it nor access any content on it. I was rather worried, knowing that there are many people using Feed2JS for their sites, and the sites will just stay in an endless attempt at loading if the server is not there. My aoplogies if this did happen.

The problem is that right now I am at my cabin in Strawberry, where heavy snow has been falling for about 2 hours (it is lovely), and I had no intention of leaving heaven to kick start a server– and I was not able to contact anyone that could.

I started exploring some ways to try and build a timeout option in JavaScript, but struck out. The issue is that a page contains a statement like:

and apparently browsers never time out going for this?? I am not sure. I tried to set up something where the feed2js script would return a JS variable to let the page new it was reached, and set up a setTimeout script to make a timer to check this and abort if it did not get the update.

But my logic or typing flawed and it never worked. I need to ponder and return to it later– does anyone know if JavaScript can tell the browser to abort its connection (e.g. same action as clicking the STOP button?) And I ma not sure how to structure something like the above JS code that it can have some sort of conditional test to set it in motion…

Anyhow, it is on the list of things to do (as well as moving it do a dedicated server).

The post "Jade Hiccup" was originally dropped like a smoking hot potato at CogDogBlog ( on January 29, 2005.

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