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On the Wrong Side of the Velvet Ropes (Again)

After my usual too-much-over-the-top-sarcasm bark at the Professional Bloggers Association, I got a quick professional PBA trackback from their new professional PBA site:

Trackback: “Chuckle…”


My own personal snarky anti-fan strikes again:

He does this periodically, so please don’t lash out at him. We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves, and things like

      Weblog: Professional Bloggers Association Member site
      Tracked: January 21, 2005 10:22 AM

How could I not click to see who the target of my snark is? Following the link, though, I get stopped by the body guards:


In fact, just about all the links ended up there. So once again, I am a shoeless bum with missing teeth, stuck on the wrong side of the velvet ropes, trying to get a peek at all of the beautiful people.

SARCASM ALERT!!!: This is in jest. I know their site is likely new and not ready for prime time, I am just having a bit of fun… What’s wrong with that? I can be nicer. i will try, tomorrow , next week ….

But here I sit, dying to know what they are whispering about me in the secret club room….

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