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Acting Digitally, Acting Paperly

Over the past two years we developed and implemented an online system for faculty to submit applications for professional growth summer projects, for their reps to review applications, for a committee to submit their scores.

Sadly, they insist on this– printed versions of all 120+ applications. Can anyone hear the trees falling in the forest, or is it just me?


Big sigh.

Huge sigh.

We’ve moved most of the process of our faculty professional growth summer projects application to an online system, home built.

Applicants create their drafts online, electroncally send drafts to colleagues, submit to their college reps for approvals, reps can return for edits, review committee members log in to enter their scores and comments, and the results are tallied to a giant display so the committee can make their final recommendations. All of that is online.

However, our committee of X people still insist on this – a pile of X sets of paper copies of all 127 applications.


I am staring across the gulf of the digital mindset gap, among the tourists who do not speak the digital language, or do so with thck accents, and it is looking broader than the Grand Canyon. And not nearly as scenic.


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