This week is our system’s Spring Break, and even us administrative grunts get Thursday and Friday off. I tacked on a day off Wednesday, and how am I and Mrs. CogDogBlog relaxing? We are re-landscaping the back yard, hauling sand, rock, and brick, moving hard desert earth, yanking out of control cacti, extending a brick patio.

Our self-imposed sentence is 2 days of back busting labor.

Actually we enjoy the hard work, and it is a great mental break from the office chair. Get outside, get dirty, and build something with your own hands. Priceless.

The delayed gratification is heading up to our cabin for the next 4 days.

The post "My Sentence is 2 Days of Hard Labor" was originally pulled from under moldy cheese at the back of the fridge at CogDogBlog ( on March 17, 2005.

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