I like Skype. I like Skype.

I like it so much, I wanted to run it on my PC laptop across the desk from me.

What I did not like was when I logged in with the account I use on my Mac, I notice that my contacts do not appear, so it seems that they are not stored centrally (like AIM, ICQ), but on my computer. This means that should I get a new computer, want to run this elsewhere, my contacts do not go with me. They need to be re-entered, re-authorized?? Tell me it isn’t so?

Maybe I am missing the forest for a bamboo stick in front of my face, or I missed an obvious button menu item. It would hardly be the first time.

Nope, it’s a FAQ, Jack, in Using Skype:

You can log in to Skype from multiple computers, but you won’t have access to your contacts since this is stored locally (on the computer where you first installed Skype). You will have to add and authorize your friends once again. We will be implementing a feature that will allow you to get access to your friends list automatically from multiple computers.

C’mon- a simple import/export feature (X-platform, just shuffle some XML) cannot be that difficult to add.

That said, I still like Skype.

Update: I found a way. From my Mac Skype I selected Send Contacts… form the Contacts menu and was able to send them to my Skype Account- they arrive on my PC and I was able to load them as contacts. What is not clear is if I need to bother my friends again with authorizing a contact request (I bypassed the screen via Cance).

The post "Skype Blemish?" was originally emerged from the primordial ooze and first walked on land at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2005/03/skype-blemish/) on March 1, 2005.


  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    It’s a pain, but you can sync the local files from Skype between machines. I have to do that to keep my contacts in sync between my desktop box (that I use when I’m in the office), and the powerbook (that gets used everywhere else).

    I keep forgetting to do that, and now I’m afraid to lose contacts on one or the other when I sync up :-)

  • I’d hope that the Sykpe folks have this on their radar and that we’ll see centralized access to contacts soon : )

    In the meantime, try ‘Public Mind’ for Skype Feature Requests: http://www.publicmind.com/enduser/group.jsp?node=653

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