I am drowning in things to do, things I would like to do, and things I have to do. My workload is more or less double what it was 6 months ago since losing the expertise of Colen, who worked 5 years for us doing part-time programming support and developing much of the MLX and our two other major online application/review systems.

Thus the development of the openMLX drags to a slow grind, well, actually, it has not budged since December. Right now, I am administering and programming new pieces of both our online Learning Grants system and an online faculty professional growth application/review system. New things drop in like 12 event and online registration sites in Spring semester alone or a request to shoot and edit videos for faculty nominated for the NISOD awards. There is a presenter proposal system running now for our Ocotillo Retreat. And hanging out there this week are two presentations to be done for conference travel next week. I am trying to figure out why my Jade server craps out every Saturday. On every front I am repelling spam.

I am told for ‘political reasons’, our district office is unable to add new full time positions, so although we have the funds for it, and have written a proposal, it was rejected last summer when our office requested a full time programming support position be added.

While I have great expertise available from Cheryl, again in a part-time position, the road for training in our labyrinth of web systems is a long steep climb.

Just venting off some steam. A leap month would be nice.

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