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Shelley Is On It: “Using RSS Feeds in English 102” MLX Package

One of my colleagues has gotten bit severely by the weblog / RSS fever— this is a good thing. Shelley teaches English at Mesa Community College and is experimenting this semester with having her student review resources via Bloglines, and she is crafting an extra credit assignment for them to post entries in the Bloglines weblog (not the greatest blog tool, but good enough for a start).

Today she sent me an e-mail describing what she had created, with an attachment of her assignment. Since she has a good sense of humor, and I am just so tired of people in our system only sharing via e-mail (the syndrome I refer to as “e-mail attachment disorder”), I relied with this message:

This email program has returned the message to you as the owner of the account prefers that all such items be sent as URL links to content in the Maricopa Learning eXchange. Wouldn’t great ideas live longer and wider if they were not confined to e-mail?

She laughed, and sent me the MLX link 10 minutes later.. so, here hot off the press, is MLX Package #1503: Using RSS Feeds in ENG102.

Now id her “bite” can only infect a few more colleagues ;-)

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