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I just added a new feature to this blog’s templates, likely the last tweak I will do as I am rather dead set on moving soon to WordPress (especially after seeing D’Arcy’s demo of the flickr gallery plugin).

The new feature is a link along the front page and archive pages (and individual entries) where the line has links for comments, trackbacks, etc that says “IM this”. Clicking the link will open an iChat/AIM client chat window with the URL in the chat entry area, so all you need to do is pick a buddy to share the URL with.

Stealing this from Preshrunk’s entry on “Feature Creep” (who stole it from someone else, go stealing!), it is a simple matter of a link that looks like:

where in MovableType templates it looks like:

Okay, this is pretty low on the potential use scale, but rather simple to do for newbie template twidlers.

Like I said, waiting for MovableType to rebuild 800 posts is but one more reason to wake up and join the WP crowd (yes I will James, no need to spur me on, it’s a matter of time). MT is like, so…. 2002. Tired.

When the switch happens, it will likely be a conversion attempt of the past CDB 800 posts, but sitting at a new to be determined URL, and leave this old blog as an embarrassing artifact.

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