My (non-)friends in the Texas Hold ’em camp are knocking about again. Shoot, maybe one of these days I may get around to learning this game of poker, though it surely will never be via one of their #$*@-ing web sites.

These spammers are nymphomaniacs in the sense they just cannot seem to stop shoving their URL encrusted packages into any web form they can find on our sites. That is, they cannot help themselves to stick their unwanted, undesired, PPC (Porn-Pills Casino) into places on our site where we offer a place to provide feedback or to request information.

Since I have the feeling they read me here (hi there spammy! how ya doing?) the news is that these forms never post any content online. Y’all are wasting your spam time and effort. Why not bombard someone else, someone bigger.

It is pretty easy to smell the spam stench, often with some faked email variant of absinth542@xxxx.ru, but the places they are sticking their wang-doodle will never see the light of day, never will get one trillionth of a google rank.

Oi, but what hurts is that the browser detection on the submission reveals:

I am crushed, absinth542! How can a Mac user be a dirty low down, url shoving spammer? These are dark days indeed ;-)

So Mr/Ms. Absinthh542, please find a self-help group, and go through the 12-step-program to address your Spamnymphomania. How rich might your life be, and others, to use your skills for good, rather than spamming. Will you tell your grandkids how you shoved poker URLs into school web sites? Will that be what people will eulogize at your funeral? “Oh Absinth542 was a lovely human, who managed to get Phentermine Inc a top Google Rank for 2 months back in 2005.”

What a legacy indeed.

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