I’m asking for some help to anyone out there. Next month, I have a presentation at the NMC 2005 Summer Conference where I want to show how blog software can be used for web publishing beyond the public conception of “online diaries”… I am looking for web sites, or pieces of them that are published with blog software but maybe at first glance do not look like a blog.

I’ll be drawing from my own examples, but that is limited and maybe egotistical. These include:

* The Low Threshold Application (LTA) site was created really as a concept to show that blog software can create a site equivalent (or better) content-wise than the original one spun by hand in something like Front Page, but is much easier to publish and includes a comment system not present in the original. This is my primary example, and I will show the tweaks we did in MovableType, including customizing the database, to pull it off.

* I started using MovableType to create at first just an RSS feed for the latest updates to our Feed2JS site. I later added just 2 more templates, to publish the updates as a small content file that is embedded via a PHP include into the main part of the site (below the heading “Latest Changes and History” are the 3 most recent entries) and the full archive.

Some other examples in my pile of previous scrounging:

* “Staying Ahead of Your Patrons With Weblogs and RSS” Steve Cohen used Blogger to create a presentation (an approach I am copying!)

* Wisdom Quotes is a resource of famus quotes that uses the blog format to make it searchable and organizaed into author categories.

* About.com converted its vast collection of subject web sites to ones that are blog published a few years ago.

I’m looking for more, the weirder or more non traditional, the better!

The presentation will be assembling itself over the next 2 weeks, but will be delivered and shared via a Blogger site- http://cat-diaries.blogspot.com/ and will use nothing more than what one gets with using Blogger’s hosted tools and maybe some Flickr-embedded images.

The presentation has the what I thought we too clever title “More Than Cat Diaries: Publishing With Weblogs” which tripped up at least two staff members at NMC who thought it was “More Than Just Diaries: Publishing With Weblogs” or “More Than Chat Diaries: Publishing With Weblogs”. Nope the “cat” is in there. It is out of the bag, you might say.

Please help! I would like to have more examples of blogs that don’t look like blogs.

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