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Me on the stage? Oh no!

Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

In the MOOD: Sharing the Certification Project at Open Education 2016

In a presentation last Friday at the 2016 Open Education Conference Paul Stacey and I described the Certification project as “Massive Open OER Development.” MOOD? People who know me know how much I think of acronyms that start with M-O-0… (that was meant to be wry humor) Hearing about @creativecommons ‘certificate’ prog – awesomeness with […]

Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

In the MOOD: presentation for Open Education 2016 Conference

The Creative Commons Certification project will be shared at the 13th Annual Open Education Conference November 2–4, 2016 in Richmond, VA. This presentation by Paul Stacey and Alan Levine plays a bit at the “MOOC” acronym with it’s title In the MOOD: Building the Creative Commons Certification: Deeply woven into successful open education and pedagogy […]

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Recap Week 1/3 in Asia: Japan (part a!)

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I’m back almost a week from an incredible and intense and fantastic three week trip to Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong — all pretty much enabled by network connections among nice people.

So much happened I had to make a spreadsheet to help me organize the sessions I did at least 30 workshops, presentations, consultations, and class visits. Beyond the snafus of US Failways on the trip over, catching and somehow warding off the Cog Dog Cough Wog in week 1, keeping tabs on my ds106 class– the blogging fell off the table.

I’m not sure I am ready to be the Roving Presentation Dude. I’m worn flat.

A number of sessions were re-purposed, but never carbon copies, and most of them evolved along the way- many variations of Web Storytelling sessions from 20 minutes to 3 hour workshops, morphing into one on Elements of Storytelling (what works), the tools stuff (50 Ways, Five Card Flickr Stories, pechaflickr, ds106); another one where the code name was “The Web is a Groovy Place” with flavors to include the True Stories of Openness or the value of Sharing in a Networked Environment; a new one on visual metaphors and strategies for finding photos, and a string of brand new workshops / class activities.

For a fresh change of environment, I did more stuff with k-12 on this trip than usual, everything from doing a storytelling activity with 2nd graders to a 6th grade math activity to discussing internet culture with 10th graders, not to mention the interaction with the 130+ international students and teachers who were part of the Flat Classroom Conference.

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50 * 3 / 48

The cryptic math is meant to communicate that over the last 2 days (48 hours), I have presented 3 times online 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story (if you do the math you get a bad pi). Last night was a presentation for Dean Shareski‘s ECMP 355 Course (no web site?), which I […]