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I have an addiction.

It involves…. cameras.

Since 2008, I’ve been in a flickr group of people sharing daily photos; we are now at 500. No one is in charge, no one makes rules. I’ve also been participating in the dailyshoot version since November 2009.

I cannot stop. My day is wrong if I am not finding imagery in it, and then reflecting on it later in the day (or at 2am in the evening).

But every time I do this process, every day, I am either stretching my ability on photography or creatively trying to write captions to make my photos fit the themes. It is daily creation, and as a metronome in my life, it is a steady creative click.

I’m using this loosely as a metaphor for learning in at least two upcoming presentations, so I’m casting a call (again) for help. No, Dean “I Always Cooperate” Shareski, I am not making you do another another video 😉

The first one I am up for is the KU Village Online Conference next month- an online conference run by Kaplan University, and I am sharing the stage with people like Alec Couros (who is everywhere and anywhere and fabulous) and Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth has one of the best twitter icons and and shared stuff).

The conference is September 20 – 23, 2010– and the blurb reads

Here at the KU Village, we can get to know each other in the Village Square, share our ideas about teaching and learning at the conference events, and learn about emerging technologies that will change the virtual and site-based classroom experiences as we wander in the Greenhouse. It’s our time, so let’s have some fun and share the experience!

The theme of KU Village 2010 is “Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate.” KU Village 2010 will provide presentations on the following topics:

* Standards for academic excellence
* Innovations in the classroom
* Collaborative teaching techniques and initiatives
* Global learning and diversity
* Commitment to educational values and student support
* Technology tools and applications

You can register at (it is free if you work for Kaplan University, US$95 for everyone else).

Okay. My session is loosely titled Say It in Photos, and in part of it, I am wanting to talk about what happens to people when they decided to take on doing a Photo a Day project.

So I am seeking a few testimonials or stories of what the experience of doing this has meant for people– please drop a few words for me at

I’ll also be doing a bit of five card flickr stories for them… if you want to add a few photos into the mix, just tag some new ones in flickr as fiveku and people will start making stories (or you can, it’s open).


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  1. I think this is a great idea. In fact, I think it would be fun to try something like this in my classroom. Maybe an abbreviated version would be fun. I like to see the stories my students create.

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