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Semi-Serious Burger
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This is art- a 10oz burger from “Cheeburger Cheeburger” on Sanibel Island- only half the size you need to put away to get your photo on the wall (I was in no mood to go such SuperSized)

I’ve got a few hours in between coming and going. But it never hurts to dream about Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

Especially when we return home to Phoenix for 113 degree heat.

And the Suns lose while I am in flight.

Last Wednesday, burned out from a ramp up to a crazy schedule of major Maricopa events, we split town for Southwest Florida, flying a red-eye all night from Phoenix.

We enjoyed time visiting my Mom, the “Cookie Lady” in Ft Myers and spending time on the beach at Sanibel and visiting family in Sarasota. We ate great, like here from “Cheeburger Cheeburger”, seafood at “The Timbers”, and “Island Cow”.

We had a great low key spot at the Tropical Winds cottages that were right on the beach. Much of the island has been ripped at tree top level by Hurrican Charly lasy year, but much has been rebuilt, restored, etc. Still, the signs of devesation and destruction were humbling.

For flying notes- free wireless access at Las Vegas Airport in the main terminals (if you are not dumping change in the slots); also at Tampa ariport though it crapped out a lot with connection failures.

I enjoyed reading cover to cover Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild (thanks to a friend for a great gift!). What a riveting and well told story! I’m not giving anything away but I read the book in one day.

But not much time to romp around… Tomorrow at 7:00 Am I am off to San Diego for two days of helping Bernie Dodge run some workshops at San Diego State University.

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