Among the boatload of Chinese spam, enlargement/shrinkage offers, gambling teasers, celebrity nude photos that grace my daily email comes a genuine nice message today from Steve Dembo:

Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog. Definitely in my top 5. However, every I want to find an article of yours or link back to your site, I can never remember what the domain of it is! So I either have to do a google search for Alan Levine or Cogdogblog, or I have to go into bloglines, find your feed and go through the link there.

So for entirely selfish reasons, can I donate a few bucks to the cause to get (which is still currently open) registered and forwarded to your actual site?

I’m totally serious! And if you don’t want to deal with it, I’ll register it myself and forward it on. I just would rather have you own the name than me just in case you do wind up wanting it someday!

Let me know, I don’t often volunteer to send bloggers money, so take advantage of this rare opportunity!

How genuinely kind! Gracious! Flattering! Could this be some sort of aspect of becoming “monetized”?

Actually the thought had occurred to me a few months back- like what if I get canned for that nasty, un-acamdemic, non-career-advancing habit of blogging? I might want to hoist this puppy someday in its own URL space. Now I have the domain to do so (no Seinfeld jokes, please).

So thanks Stsve for the prod, but there was enough change in the desk drawer to cover a domain registration. So now, you can quickly get to this blog by URL-ing it over to:

which is merely a domain forwarder to my longer, less guess-worthy URL.

In the process, I first checked with Network Solutions where I have another domain registered. Yes, I know they are not the cheapest outfit in the bunch, but I’m kind of lazy to change those things. They wanted something like $12 to register a domain and another $13 on top of that to create a forwarding address, and by the time I covered hiding my whois record, the bill was over $32 a year.

On the other hand, got me the domain registration (forwarding service is included) and the whois privacy for $13 and change. This decision did not require the advanced degree in quantum economics.

So there you have it, go, cogdogblog, go:

The post "Find the Dog" was originally pushed out of the bottom of a purple jar of Play-Doh at CogDogBlog ( on July 20, 2005.