My Nomination For the Most Pointless Blog Post Of The Year By A Supposed Expert

Over at Learning Circuit Blogs, Clark Aldrich pulls out the stereotyping brush and paints large swaths of badly mixed paint in “Schools hate businesses, businesses hate schools”.

I will not even dignify it with a pull quote, but please jump in on the comments and send the guy some light as he is lost.

Yechhh. I gotta go rinse out my computer with some spam.

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  1. Yikes! I apologize for the misery I have caused you. I am sure I have written more pointless things this year, but you luckily must have missed them.

    I believe the post includes an important premise. But I can imagine that it is over-stated, and/or written badly, and/or too insulting to the people who are working hard on creating the links and/or underexampled. Thanks for reading, and again, my apologies.


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