Regular CDB readers (or new ones) know I can hardly type one paragraph without creating at least 6 typos. I am sorry, I opted out of keyboarding class in high school (spending my adult years typing was not in my road map). I cannot type and thus my spelling goes out the window.

Sure recent applications have built in spell checkers or little red line underlines for mistakes, but the fixes require more or less launching other mini apps to fix.

I recall hearing about the built in Dictionary for OS X 10.4 and how it is available for most applications. And wow, it just worked slicky on that last post! The chances of me spelling “Curmedgeon” correctly was about 15%. Up to know I will admit my first reach for a mispelled word is to toss it into Google, and wait for the


But then is two app switches plus a copy/paste or two.

Panther takes a good swipe at the habit.

I simply highlight the word in question (double click in the word boundary) here in ecto, my blog editor software:


And I just ctrl-click the word, and can in-place replace it with the correct spelling:


Now this rocks! Who knows, maybe I will finally be able to write with that polished, scholarly tone or Cambridge perfection, with an aura of elbow patches and caviar.

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