Last week was our most recent meeting of our Ocotillo Online Learning Group (OLG) meeting– OLG is an open meeting once a month at different college sites at Maricopa. The October meeting was at South Mountain Community College, featuring a topic of Copyright, Not Copywrong.

As our trend this year, we captured two of the segments simply by plunking down an iRiver MP3 recorded in front of the room and they are connected into our OLG Podcasts.

At this meeting, we had librarian Hazel Davis of Rio Salaod provide an overview of Copyright in the Online Environment— the link there will take you to the presentation, handouts, and the 51 minute audio recording:

I did a 5 minute song and dance about Creative commons (mostly links in the notes).

We then had a counsel form our legal department do some Q&A with the audience, also recorded:

It was a great turnout for a late Friday afternoon, and the audio seems to add a lot more in terms of later value (we hope).

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