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Interview With Dr Microphone

Last week I had the pleasure of getting a lesson in Audio Recording and Microphones 101 from Gardner Campbell. Thanks Dr Glu for spending some time to clue me in, this was purely selfish on my knowledge seeking side, but I am sharing the audio recording for anyone who cares. http://cogdogblog.com/wp-content/audio/dr-microphone.mp3 [35:19 min, 24.3 mp3] […]

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NMC Summer Conference Podcasts

This afternoon I did some minor editing (cutting some files into smaller pieces) from the audio recordings provided by the media team at Case for last week’s NMC Summer Conference, and in addition, posted a 5 minute video that was shown at the Second Life launch session.

The audio quality is mostly good, with some bad moments of echos and volumes drops as the Case staff struggled to deal with the media capability of the hotel. Editing required popping the audio files to the Windows side of the MacBookPro since Audacity is not a Universal option yet. See how handy this machine is?

So hold on to your mouse… below is a slew of ‘casts…


NAU Keynote Audio

Just because Gardner asked for it (and in fact it was recorded), here is a low quality, 80 minute MP3 from the session Brian Lamb and I did in Flagstaff on Social Software (or as we called it, Tag Cloud frenzy): http://cogdogblog.com/wp-content/audio/nau06-keynote.mp3 [1:20:00 36.6 Mb MP3]

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PodPress is the Plug

My commenters Joe and D’Arcy were right- PodPress is dah thing for generating iTunes ready feeds from WordPress. I should have looked no farther than my own blog here which is where I had installed it! It does not require a custom replacement file for the WP standard distribution, has better configuration, and built in […]


Odeo Me About Podcasts

I am seeking some more voices to use as demos for my podcast presentation next week (it will be shared, but of course first it must be created). The focus is “Podcasting on the Cheap” how to do this with free/cheap readily available tools. If anyone has time, like less than 3 minutes, can you […]


Article Preview “Speaking What We Write”

We are prepping the Spring 2006 issue of our MCLI iForum, the online publication we generate via WordPress. Actually “prepping” means begging, nagging, cajoling people to actually write something (rather than copy and paste a summary of events that already exist on other web sites). Anyhow, as a preview (not exactly linked from the front […]


When It Podcasts, It Pours

Here in Phoenix, we don’t have that old saying about “raining and pouring”, especially since it is now 143 days since any water fell from the sky. But the podcasting flow is pretty good, with my quick and dirty recording with an iRiver, simple Audacity editing (fade in, fade out, bump levels, and take out […]


Student Voices Podcast Available

As previously noted, last Friday we assembled a panel of 7 Maricopa students who shared with out Ocotillo Online Learning Group their experiences in our online courses. This is a rather small sample of the stories that are “out there.” Just the diversity within this group (self selected volunteers who would be willing to stand […]


Sick Of Podcasting

After a second Podcasting, Schmodcasting demo this week, I am getting sick and tired of talking about them 😉 This was for a mostly faculty crowd at Glendale Community College, who managed to all suit in the last two rows of the room. Different from Monday, today I moved more quickly through the variety of […]