Article Preview “Speaking What We Write”

We are prepping the Spring 2006 issue of our MCLI iForum, the online publication we generate via WordPress.

Actually “prepping” means begging, nagging, cajoling people to actually write something (rather than copy and paste a summary of events that already exist on other web sites).

Anyhow, as a preview (not exactly linked from the front entrance), I am sharing an article that was garnered via a quick interview (e.g. turn on iRiver, click “record”) I did with Karen Schwalm, one of our true pioneering faculty who use technology effectively. Karen had attending my Podcasting, Schmodcasting demo in March and got inspired by Odeo to do some interesting online audio essays.

She has done some interesting experiments in creating class materials, motivational pieces, and is trying to have our students use audio as a writing/revision tool. She’s put together some thoughts about the values (and challenges) of using audio as a tool to improve writing).

Well, let the content “speak” for itself:

Speaking What We Write (article preview)

Audio from interview (18 minute, 4.1 Mb MP3):

Sample pieces by Karen referenced in the article:
Watching Boars
Approaching the Finish Line
Home Alone
Sine Curve of Teaching with Technology

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