Sick Of Podcasting

After a second Podcasting, Schmodcasting demo this week, I am getting sick and tired of talking about them ;-) This was for a mostly faculty crowd at Glendale Community College, who managed to all suit in the last two rows of the room.

Different from Monday, today I moved more quickly through the variety of demos portion, zoomed through the definitions, and actually got to get all three how-to create demos thought at such a speed, I know there was some whiplash in the crowd.

Doing the live recording demo with my iRiver, I must have clicked the wrong button, and lost whatever Scott and John said, so I had to resort to using a clip from Monday’s (there is some funny cut and paste at the end as I was showing how you can move things around in Audacicty).

I did fit in a ‘good’ Odea web recording done with the tools on the site, and also did a phone call in demo– and that worked too! It should up actually in less than a minute.

So another day, another MP3…. here is the 53 minutes of my blathering about podcasts:

Like before, I am also demo-ing lobbing the podcast links to a Blogger site, which is also registered in Feedburner. Ba-da-boom, Ba-da-bing, I get a podcast:

Also, on the P-cast front, I am fixing up our MCLI motley connection of podcasts with a menu system now that loads the different categories I had set up. This is content still being published via my scotch tape and rubber banded use of MovableType 2.661 – it works, but is somewhat tedious. To do again, I mght have just set up a small WordPress site, and use cateogores to segregate feeds.

I was also experimenting with setting up a small PHP script to generate iTunes friendly RSS, which I have now for our digital storytelling collection, and an assorted mix of special audio and video content from our archives:

This are still being tested out and are not really prime time. I am doing this by using Excel (that is exported to a text file) to create a table of titles , summaries, keywords, author, etc. In PHP I load an array with some data for the channel, run it through a template function, and then the item data is read from a text file, where each line is tab delimited data I can parse and run through another template to fill in the items.

It’s a slight kludge but is working okay– down the line I could easily grab the data from a database rather then a text file. Guessing that someone will ask, I will post some code in a day or too.

Ugh, I am just SICK of podcasting. Is there any other edible buzzword left?

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