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Immigrants / Natives and the Dharma Initiative

Small, insignificant observational note of no consequence:

In my two podcasting demos this week for faculty and staff at our colleges, I showed as a video example an episode from the TV show Lost that I had bought on the Apple Store for $1.99.

Before I showed a small bit of it, I asked how many in the room watched the show… Any guesses on the response?

I had my hand way up in the air, admitting, yes I was hooked on the show. On one day of my demos, I was joined by maybe 2 others in the room, and at another session, no one else in the room indicated a Lost addiction or interest.

No conclusions are drawn, no inferences about Digital Natives and Immigrants, no suppositions are made about un-awareness of pop culture. Nope.

But the folks at the Dharma Initiative has been informed.

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