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I am seeking some more voices to use as demos for my podcast presentation next week (it will be shared, but of course first it must be created). The focus is “Podcasting on the Cheap” how to do this with free/cheap readily available tools.

If anyone has time, like less than 3 minutes, can you say “hello” and perhaps share some ideas for interesting uses of podcast technology beyond “recorded lectures”? Or tell me the methods you are using to do “podcasting on the cheap”

Just send me an Odeo:

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I wish I could offer more than thanks (and Cole and Gardner, you are off the hook since you’ve previously responded). Audio will be shared/casted from http://www.odeo.com/channel/69807/view



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  1. I’m just starting to podcast my lectures. I have so many students absent each day that I feel like I spend half my time reviewing what we did the day before. I’m just going to burn my lectures to CD and check them out as homework.

    On the cheap part, I just ordered two wireless microphones from:

    Hopefully they work as well as I think they will.

    Your podcasting wiki has been increadibly helpful. Thanks.

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