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NMC Summer Conference Podcasts

This afternoon I did some minor editing (cutting some files into smaller pieces) from the audio recordings provided by the media team at Case for last week’s NMC Summer Conference, and in addition, posted a 5 minute video that was shown at the Second Life launch session.

The audio quality is mostly good, with some bad moments of echos and volumes drops as the Case staff struggled to deal with the media capability of the hotel. Editing required popping the audio files to the Windows side of the MacBookPro since Audacity is not a Universal option yet. See how handy this machine is?

So hold on to your mouse… below is a slew of ‘casts…

Thursday: The conference begins- a welcome from Wendy Shapiro, the host from Case Western Reserve University. [15:17 7 Mb MP3]

Thursday: NMC’s Larry Johnson thanks opening plenary Brenda Laurel
New Media in Education: Students Looking Forward was just an inspirational message about creativity, as Brenda shared examples of the works her students create at the Art Center College of Design by working in a pure studio environment. She has a low key, slightly sarcastic tone that was just engaging. This was a great kick off to the conference. [54:24 24.9 Mb MP3]

How Were Thursday’s Sessions?
Some random thoughts for participants when I accosted them in them in the hallways with my iAudio recorder.

Centers for Excellence Award
Friday: Three NMC centers, Case Western, SFMOMA, and University of Michigan were recognized for their achievements. The audio starts with an intro from Adobe, who sponsored the session, and includes some audio from a video segment they showed. Each center also showed a video, so as a podcast, some it is just music. [35:37 16.5 Mb]

Friday: A special award of recognition was given to Carl Berger, as he was named as an NMC Fellow. I ahve had the pleasure of knowing Carl for a few years, and his excitement, vision, and energy are a model for all of us in the field. During the conference sessions, he was invariably snapping photos, posting blog entries, uploading to flickr, and asking great questions. [10:31 4.8 Mb]

Friday: Five Minutes of Fame the fast and furious session in which NMC members present a project or innovation and must do so in five minutes, when the gong rings and they must sit down. We had 10 presentations cover a lot of ground in just over 50 minutes. [51:20 25.3 Mb]

Friday: The NMC Second Life Campus: From Dream to Virtual Reality our session where real and virtual crossed. At Cleveland, our guest presenters Giff Constable and Sara Van Gordon from Electric Sheep Company did an overview of Second Life and their work on the design of the NMC Campus. The video from the hotel, feeble as the internet connection was, was streamed into the NMC Campus so our virtual guests could see. The first 5 minutes of the audio includes the track from the video segment (below), but be sure to tune in to hear Giff describe his perspective on Second Life (see coverage in the NMC Observer). [55:39 25.5 Mb MP3]

NMC Second Life Movie
The video shown during this session is available as a QuickTime movie file and as an iPod ready m4v video. [5:33 Quicktime MOV 12.6 Mb] [5:33 QuickTime iPod M$v 31.9 Mb]

There, that should keep a few of you busy.

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  1. So where is the podcast of the jam session? The famed Folsom Prison gig and the Gloria tune…

  2. It is coming. However, it will need to be carefully edited to a mix, due to the hovering of hungry music company lawyers.

    But have no fear. Rumor is that every conference participant will get in the mail a DVD the traditional movie (there was a roving camera man, Hi Bruce, all conference), with a number of sessions recorded…. and very likely the video from the jam session. Just for friends, not rebroadcast.

  3. Rock on! I can’t wait! My late registration fee just got its ROI! (Ok the conference did that but this is even better!)

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