Knock Knock Flickr

For anyone besides me keeping count on my sags of Flickr slapping me NIPSA, it has been 11 days since I emailed flickr, and more than 21 days since the last previous attempt.

I have received a lot of interesting commentary, and support from the bone I had to pick with flickr about a new pro account being designated not public due to the imagery being all snapshots taken in Second Life. The response I did not get, sadly, was from Ana at case88575@support.flickr.com whom I had last asked an appeal.

Most interesting, and useful as ammo, was the comment from Tao, who actually shared a smoking gun URL to flickr’s own blog where it refers to a Second Life images as a “photo”. That should be very clear where flickr stands on these images, eh?

To date, the sum total of their responses has been… let’s see, sum the columns, carry the five….




Nary even an acknowledgment of my submitted plea for even a “NO WAY DOG BREATH” response.

So, perhaps it is time for letting loose on the bat for a big strike three.

So I will ask thrice, oh great and powerful flickr oracle.

And then I will wonder… can flickr feel the footsteps zooomring up behind?

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  1. I know I’m joining this conversation late but I have to say I’m just loving this entire situation!

    Not only does this reveal yet another way SL forces us to reconsider our RL social constructions and practices but also the power of a blog. While I’m still fascinated by the implications a virtual camera in a virtual world has on the RL, and…I’m always curious about individuals who hold onto traditional definitions like they are unshakable but then uses wikipedia to prove it – now there is a satisfying dichotomy; I am also impressed by the response and the action taken by so many on your behalf.

    The power of social technologies are highlighted in this entire – wonderful situation. I almost don’t want them to respond and to see what happens next! :o)

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