Flickr Quick Response… the Same Response

I cannot complains anymore that flickr is not responding to my mad barkings… as the last attempt got a response in just a few hours. Yay!

But the contents or just more of the same… “We think Second Life photos are screen shots, you are still NIPSA”:

From: “Flickr Support” <ase103599@support.flickr.com>
Date: June 13, 2006 2:41:21 PM MST
To: slcampus@nmc.org
Subject: [Flickr Case 103599] Re: Flickr Help Mail from slcampus@nmc.org
Reply-To: case103599@support.flickr.com

I’m sorry for your frustration, but at the present time, your account will remain NIPSAed given that the content of your account are screenshots and not photographs.

While I can appreciate your contention that the the photos are taken with a camera within 2nd life, a virtual camera is beyond Flickr’s current definition of what constitutes a photograph.

This isn’t to say that our definition won’t change in the future as we expand to embrace more media.


Crikey! Grrrrrr. grrrrrr. Gr….. So although their own blog once labeled a Second Life image they took as a photo, mine are still called screenshots. It is arbitrary as poop. I thought that was the killer example, but maybe they are just jumping the shark on this one.

My last feeble attempt:

Thank you for a speedy response. I have one more try, then I will go away. I could easily broaden the use of this account for my organization, and upload 100-200 real photos from our conference and events. This would make our account predominantly digital photos, with some lesser amount of Second Life shots, no different from many other accounts, such as my own personal pro account. There is only guesswork where flickr draws the line on the number of screenshots that tip an account to NIPSA.

Otherwise, if not possible, I would request to close the account with a partial refund, as it is of higher importance that the images we create be able to be syndicated to our blogs, other web sites, and tagged with other related images. If flickr is going to stick to this definition, then I would prefer to use an alternate service.

And move I might for the account I made for our Second Life Project, as Kristopher has given me a free pro account at zooomr and hints and more cool features coming there soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a deep seated love for flickr and will use it largely for my own photos, which, aham, are photos, photos, photos. But my web 2.0 heart is saddened that going big may be a big ankle weight for the groovy people that once were flickr.

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  1. That’s even better than not responding! Move over flickr – Zooomr here we come!

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