Holy RipMix! What is a Blog?

Web video is exploding, and more than just hosting and tagging clips with exploding soda bottles… Check out this re-mixed clip from the Weblog Project called What is a Blog? The 50 Second Answer:

This is a great remix that really shows how much more impact and insight a short well edited clip can do in helping others get, in less than a minute, a good idea of what a blog really is.

Jumpcut.Remixed by Alessandro Luccardi on Jumpcut.

Sorry, I pretty much lifted the flash source code from the original site. But it is to make a point….

Now this is what gets exciting. Click the “remix” button in the video above. You get all of the vido segments in a timeline, ripe for adding, re-re-mixing, etc. I’ve casually seen a few of these online media mashup tools, and they keep getting more interesting.

Jumpcut…. it must be the 500th cool web tool out this year. Keep the train comin’.

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  1. Alan, You have some stuff about 3D and concept mapping in cogdogblog.
    You might like 3D Topicscape – a 3D concept mapper capable of holding files, web page and notes.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t see a way of attaching this to a relevant post, but it does seem relevant to some of your interests.

  2. You scooped the New York Times by a couple of days. The Times today has an article on jumpcut.com and other Web based video editing services.

    I found your short writeup + example more informative though.

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