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Audio Casting Setup

We’re doing a live event in Second Life this afternoon. Yes, we will all sit in rows of chairs, and listen passively to a lecture… no wait a minute, that’s what some people think happens in there. Actually what is happening is that Henry Jenkins is making a first official in world appearance in visiting […]


Tracking Those Viral Videos

Are you trying to get a pulse on the wild west of the latest videos streaking across YouTube, or looking to out flank your friends who forward those funny flicks by email? Try Viral Video Chart: We scan several million blogs a day to see which online videos people are talking about the most. We […]


Eenie Meanie Minie Moe- Pick a Video By The …

On a few project front I am wrestling with trying to pick the “best” web video format. Some have boiled it down to selecting the “elusive” best format. In my previous work at Maricopa, e.g. for our digital storytelling collection, I had settled on providing video as streaming Quicktime, .mov, (we had an X-serve server […]


Holy RipMix! What is a Blog?

Web video is exploding, and more than just hosting and tagging clips with exploding soda bottles… Check out this re-mixed clip from the Weblog Project called What is a Blog? The 50 Second Answer: This is a great remix that really shows how much more impact and insight a short well edited clip can do […]


60 Second Story Made #11

My mind is a leaky sieve. Last year, there was a neat web contest for people to submit an example of a digital story down i video format– with the limit that they had to be under 60 seconds– this was the 60 Second Story site. I was more curious about how it worked, and […]


Free Places To Hang Your Media?

I have some feverish work to do this week on an upcoming presentation on, of all things, podcasting. (A previous post titled Sick of Podcasting was titled as a joke- I am not “sick” or “tired” of the concept, it was my own inertia of having done the same presentation twice in a week, and […]


iRivers Fading Fast

Frequent readers may know I have been a fan of the iRiver tiny MP3 players for their recording capability. I had purchased two for us in my last job, and just from a meeting last week, saw that another colleague at Maricopa had purchased one for doing some audio recording. See, the folks at iRiver […]


2 Amigos Are Udell-ized

I’m so envious of my Canadian amigos Brian Lamb and D’Arcy Norman— they’ve both made it as quoted by Jon Udell. In the same post. In adjacent paragraphs. In Opening up iTunes: Brian Lamb of the University of British Columbia sums it up nicely: “The Stanford iTunes project benefits from goodwill generated by the growth […]


Listen/Speak Web

It’s podcast mania out there. I’m getting more requests for information, demos, etc internally. People are wondering what the implications are for the Apple iTunes U offer (I signed up, what’s to lose?). I have weak optimistic hopes we can move quickly past the “Oh, I can put my lectures online” flash of brilliance. Just […]


Not Available in Stores

From a recent email discussion came a request for a simple “howto” for using bitTorrent. I’ve been peripherally  interested in BT for a while, mentioning it in my Harry Mudd Future Peeking presentation. So with much better things to with my time, I whipped up this ad for a book not yet in stores: If […]