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From a recent email discussion came a request for a simple “howto” for using bitTorrent. I’ve been peripherally  interested in BT for a while, mentioning it in my Harry Mudd Future Peeking presentation.

So with much better things to with my time, I whipped up this ad for a book not yet in stores:

Bt Book

If we could side step the whinges people have about this being the bane of illegal activity and the realm of black t-shirt clad teenage pirates, and just look with interest at this creative shift in the way information can be distributed, isn’t it exciting?

I’d been toying with doing some experimentation on using bitTorrrent for sharing digital stories- people are expending great effort to produce fantastic personal narratives, but the file size is unwieldy for sharing… what do you think? I’ve got some content lined up, and as soon as I have read the book above, I may start dabbling later in the summer (that would be July for you southern hemispherics)

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  1. Dear “Casino” (I think I know who you are ;-)

    I am not sure… but of course copyrighted material should not be torrented, but its not exactly centrally controlled. I was just playing around with setting up some torrents for our digital stories; but am still trying to figure out the server side part of the software.

    At its simplest, it can be a way to effectively distribute and share commonly used large files- not just ripped movies, but say a huge big fat powerpoint for your law class.

    Just another thing to try and find time to get around to.

  2. Thanks for that Advice Alan. I looked into this and copyrighted material definately cant be put on the torrent sites.

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