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Since I am up in Strawberry on my 28 kbps straw to the internet, I will not be able to grab this cast, but from the description, looks worth a listen (as well as the Y.uk? blog itself: “Well the answer is – Why Not or Y.not? I guess it is a tongue in cheek response to the tagging sites like del.icio.us. We will be posting views on up to the minute emergent technologies in education and examples of practitioners using them in the classroom.).

See Skype interview with Tim Rylands, the teacher who uses MYST in his classroom— excuse my lasziness in grabbing the full post:

Suddenly it’s cool to learn.

Earlier this month CNN ran a story about how an English teacher was leading the world in his use of gaming in class – after only 2 hours of this appearing, he was inundated with hundreds of mails wanting to know how he was doing it and suddenly he found he was getting hits on his site – www.timrylands.com, in the order of tens of thousands from all over the world.

Learn 4 Life approached the 2005 BECTA award winner Tim Rylands for an interview at the up-and-coming technical seminar on creativity at the British Library.

He is giving a presentation about his work with virtual landscapes in schools; but when we realised that he had Skype, we quickly hooked up to an i-River iFP 790 , took a line in from the laptop and attached a broadcast mike, then monitored the whole thing over headphones.

The result is a first Skype interview podcast for mainstream education in the UK. The ad hoc 42 minute interview covers Tim’s creative use of Myst in literacy hour, how he writes rock music for children and his plans for future projects.

This is the interview everyone wanted but we got there first.

Anyhow, some of you may get listen to it before me, so let me know if it plays as good as it is described:

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