Free Places To Hang Your Media?

I have some feverish work to do this week on an upcoming presentation on, of all things, podcasting. (A previous post titled Sick of Podcasting was titled as a joke- I am not “sick” or “tired” of the concept, it was my own inertia of having done the same presentation twice in a week, and actually it was fun- new disclaimer coming on my titles, “not to be read at face value”).

My focus on this session is “Podcasting On the Cheap”- the free/low/no coast ways of at least getting your feet wet. I’ve got my ideas lined up, but could use some help from anyone out there on sharing the sites available for posting the media files one can lump in a podcast feed. This is one of the missing or less clear links- where to hang the media files. I’ve always had my own servers available for stashing my media, but that is not the common option.

The known suspects are OurMedia and perhaps YouTube.

Others that pop up form some googling- anyone use these? I am looking for more than file storage places; they must have a publicly addressable URL so pop into an RSS feed. They cannot be ones where the media expires nor ones with low storage caps (like ones that offer 5 Mb) nor ones that offer “3 months free”

* Bolt http://www.bolt.com/
* esnips http://www.esnips.com/

So where can you reliably hang some media for free? As a special request, how about using Odeo to tell me your thoughts:

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  1. Alan, you let people leave you an Odeo voice message, but don’t mention Odeo. How come? I am having French teacher use Odeo with her AP French class and it is working out great. They are not so much podcasting, but using it to practice for the recorded part of the French AP. Their homework automatically shows up in her inbox, then she can leave them assessments/comments by speaking in French.

    A lower school teacher is interested in using it to send French voice messages to international school e-pals.

  2. Thanks Nick- I had bookmarked Podomaric but not the latter, thanks.

    Arvind- sorry, the mention of Odeo was almost an afterthought as I was hoping to have a few recorded examples for the presentation demo. I had used it for a previous set of in person demos:

    It’s less (or more) than a place to “hang” media you have recorded- it does the recording, tagging, and publihing of feeds. A colleague at Maricopa I had introduced it to did some interesting pieces:

    though she had some techncal problems with Odeo (not sure of the details) and ended up using a newer site evoca (http://www.evoca.com/)

    I’ll be sharing all of these when I get my presentation done, but I am in very pressed for time this week to get it readty. I’d love to have a URL for the French class you mention or some details on how it is going so I can include it in an example.

  3. The Odeo site is back working now, and I have had a couple of students recording their intros. More should appear when the essay is due tomorrow night, so I’ll be able to report the numbers.

  4. The French class is going quite well. Students have been successful recording assignments in French, and the teacher has been able to leave audio comments for her students in French. The teacher has subscribed to their RSS feeds, and whenever they drop a recording into the “French Homework” channel, it appears in her inbox, so no waiting for e-mails and the like. Much easier that way.

    Our lower school French teacher is doing a few things. She is recording French songs which the little ones will be performing so they can go home, listen to them on her website and practice. Odeo makes a nice little html tag that you can pop on your website which puts the player right there, no download or special software necessary. She is also using it to record electronic messages of the students which will get sent to their “pen” pals in French speaking countries. In the past it was exchanging e-mails and scanned pictures and drawings. Now the students can exchange voices, fantastic!

    I gave a presentation on this today, here is the podcast of the presentation:

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