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Melbourne Gigapans

Since I am just started playing with taking gigapan images, I was eager to experiment with the device on the trip here in Australia. I dont have fancy case for the thing- I am carting it around in the foam padded cardboard box it got sent to me. I am carrying it in my old […]

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2008/366 SlideFlickred; Me, Y’all Too

Thanks to the precedent setting and helpful nudge of D’Arcy Norman (who did this last year), in 2008, I am pledging myself to take and post to flickr every day a photo that best captures what I as doing, or at least what I photographed that day.

As D’Arcy notes, it is not easy, but what it does is (I think) stretches your imagination and skills of photography.

So while you can find mine as 2008/366 photo set on flickr, the above slide show below was made with SlideFlickr a free web tool that “will help you create and embed Flickr slideshows in less than 10 seconds.” Slideflickr provides extra options, such as the music track. I went to ccMixter, a fab source for free music, where I rummaged a bit and chose this electronic remix: jaspertine lab sound 3.


SlideFlickr- At Long Last

Just when you think you’ve seen enough cool flickr add on tools, 20 more pop up in your reader. SlideFlickr is very handy- ir can generate code for emdedding and flickr set into an external web page, but you can also create embeddable shows based on tags an d other parameters. Or as the site […]


flickrCC is da boss!

For more than a year I have turned repeatedly to flickr’s creative commons search to locate images for presentations and projects. It never has failed to provide a large number of choices of powerful images to use. The problem is the search tools on flickr are one of their less elegant designed interfaces. You first […]


Are You a Contactomaniac?

I’m curious about other flickr users behaviors… When you get an email notice that someone has seleted you as a contact, do you: * immediately accept (“I want to be friends with everybody”) * check out their photos first (“Oh my gawd, they collect photos of ________!”) * wait a while (“I am trying to […]


Splashr-up Flickr Slide Shows

There seems to be no end to the toys, tools, and cool add-ons that flickr spawns, simply by allowing its programming interface to be available to outside developers. The latest, is Splashr, billed humbly as “a tool for presenting Flickr photos.” Flickr, already allows you to create slide shows from your recnt photos, photos from […]


flickr (ego) Scout

The extent of flickr-ness keeps receding like the edge of the universe. Today, I stumbled upon flickr Scout which allows you to find which of your photos have made it to the spotlight of the flickr Explore! page— on a daily basis, flickr pops here the 500 photos uploaded in one day with the highest […]


PicLens Photo Viewing Plugin

I think this came via TechCrunch- PicLens is a web browser plugin that allows you to view photos form several services ( Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket) and image search results from Google, Yahoo, and Ask.com in a full screen mode, that keeps a record of images viewed (an icon strip below). Right now it is available […]

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Woah, Neo… FlickrStorm

Just be shear, dumb, web clicking serendipity, I came across flickrStorm: (now available as Wunderstock) FlickrStorm is a better search for Flickr! It works by looking for more than what you enter to find related and more relevant images… Be surprised! Okay, there are scads of flickr search tools, and it’s not exactly clear what […]


Final (Maybe) From Flickr

I cannot say anymore that flickr is not being responsive, after the knock knock post, I got a rather long, and detailed message, with some clarification of NIPSA, why it is there, and some re-assurrances that they are working on ways to flag things with categories for ones that are not photos. NIPSA is all […]