SlideFlickr- At Long Last

Just when you think you’ve seen enough cool flickr add on tools, 20 more pop up in your reader. SlideFlickr is very handy- ir can generate code for emdedding and flickr set into an external web page, but you can also create embeddable shows based on tags an d other parameters.

Or as the site says, and it is true-

SlideFlickr will help you create and embed Flickr slideshows in less than 10 seconds.

Here is one generated in 4 seconds (!) from my Being There presentation / set:

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  1. Thanks for this tip–it both allowed me to watch your wonderful presentation again, though now you need to add your voice, and made me wish I had known about it for my latest post.

  2. Wow! I had *not* seen your presentation, and love it! Useful tip, too. I am teaching a session next month about online image editing tools and things people can do with them. This seems like a natural to include. Many thanks!

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