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The extent of flickr-ness keeps receding like the edge of the universe. Today, I stumbled upon flickr Scout which allows you to find which of your photos have made it to the spotlight of the flickr Explore! page— on a daily basis, flickr pops here the 500 photos uploaded in one day with the highest level of “interestingness”. The Scout not only finds your photos in this pig pile, but tracks their current level.

So of course, it’s all about feeding the ego!

I did not think my scouting results would come up with 5, and of these 4 are not ones myself would say are all that interesting (and the one I do like is not the conference bag 😉

1. Bug On The Road XP
2. Obligatory WIki Photo
3. The Home for the Conference Bag
4. Woohoo! A Ribbon!
5. Daisies

And even cooler! The flickr scout creates a graphic of your results, and uploads it directly to flickr for you:

Scout Says Interesting


And there are a lot more toys from where this one came from.

Found via curious exploration of the photos link on Andy Piper’s blog after he posted a comment on a story on the NMC Campus Observer blog. Oh what a crazy web we weave!

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  1. That’s a pretty cool trail! Hey, you’re doing better than I am at the moment, I think (checks… oh no, we’re even). It’s a fickle old world. One thing that is neat to do is to add a note over each thumbnail that links to the full image on Flickr, too.

    Thanks for the visit!

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