A Book About Wikis Published As A Wiki

It was pretty much another curious link click of serendipity last May that led me to Stewart Mader’s Wiki/Blog Using Wiki in Education. I gotta like a domain he chose that is “wiki” spelled backwards http://www.ikiw.org/.

Today Stewart is unveiling his new book/web site project Using Wiki in Education, headlined there as “A Wiki-Based Book”. I got a sneak peek a few days ago, and am rather excited to see this work go out. It includes 10 in depth case studies of educators who are using wikis in the classroom:

It contains 10 case studies written by teachers that describe how they’re using the wiki to transform courses and engage today’s students in a range of environments including high school, small college, major research university, online/distance learning and research lab. This is the first book to focus specifically on the wiki in education and be developed and published using a wiki, so it actively demonstrates the tool in action.

On the site, two chapters are free for anyone, and US$19 gets you access to read, download PDF, and help co-edit a last chapter. Each month, another chapter will be released as free.

It’s great content for those interested in learning more about educator beast practices, but to me even more interesting as an experiment in a new publishing mode.

Learn more in Chaoter 1: Four Letter Words: how wiki and edit are making the Internet a better learning tool (available now for free).

This book is intended to help you better understand how a wiki can transform what you do for the better. Through a compilation of case studies you’ll see how different wiki tools have been applied to a variety of situations – from a major research university to a small liberal arts college, from open source to web-hosted and enterprise tools, from a high school technology course to a college freshman writing program. The first of these case studies illustrates how a wiki has been applied to a world-wide educational website to enable a growing community direct access to contribute and edit content. It also tells the story of how I became interested in the wiki.

Go now! http://www.wikiineducation.com/

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