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A Book About Wikis Published As A Wiki

It was pretty much another curious link click of serendipity last May that led me to Stewart Mader’s Wiki/Blog Using Wiki in Education. I gotta like a domain he chose that is “wiki” spelled backwards http://www.ikiw.org/. Today Stewart is unveiling his new book/web site project Using Wiki in Education, headlined there as “A Wiki-Based Book”. […]


Message From A Peanut Butter Chef

Triggered by yesterday’s post on how one of our Spanish teachers started using PBWiki, I got a nice email from Ramit, one of the PBWiki co-founders, seeking ideas on how to “spread” the peanut butter / wiki concept to other teachers: I also noticed you’re involved in instructional technology, so I wanted to ask your […]


After All, Wiki Does Mean Quick

Two days ago, a colleague at one of our colleges asked me what wiki software our district provides. I responded, “none” (In Maricopa, such services are hosted at each college), but I took the opportunity to suggest that he try one of the free, externally hosted ones to experiment and flesh out some content or […]