Rendering RSS inside Media Wiki

I’m just getting my feet wet with customizing MediaWiki for several NMC projects- sure it is easy to set up and install out of the box, dump the flower logo for your own, but there is sure a lot of stuff under the hood. There are a lot of flexible editing codes if you can dive into them. While Tim notes some new WikiPedia RSS feeds, and there are RSS out form Mediawiki powered sites to update on changes, I found nothing to render RSS content inside Mediawiki, which I have seen on some other wiki sites.

So it was off to scrounge, and I found an extension hot off the press called GISWiki/RSS— te nice thing for me is that it is based on the good old MagpieRSS parser, something I have played with quite a bit.

So I dropped the script into my Mediawiki extensions folder, created a test page. Ugh- it renders all the content as standard HTML, using tags Media wiki ignore. I assume the example site perhaps has some HTML extensions that allows <a href…> tags, but I did not want to go down that route.

So I rolled up my sleeves, and just edited the output to use Mediawiki type codes. It was only about 6 changes, but I have now incorporated it as a side bar on our NMC Campus Guide wiki, using feed content from the NMC Campus Observer.

Picture 4

There are some good options in the code- I want to explore further the ones that provide a keyword filter (assume it could filter the output to include items matching the keywords), and the option to highlight specific keywords in the output.

Another example test page, using the New York Times technology News feed, this an output with item descriptions, and entering my own string for the feed title:

Picture 5

But so far, I like what it does, and is going to be a key loose joining in some new small piece action.

Oh, I posted a copy of my version of this at http://cogdogblog.com/code/rss.php.txt – just remove the “.txt”, and modify the one path variable for your location of magpie (I will later post my change to the Mediawiki site where I found it).

Feed on, inside yer wiki!

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  1. Problem with RSS Feed in WordPress.
    I have a subdomain that I installed wordpress for another blog site, but the subdomain site's rss feed points to my parent site.
    Can anyone come up with any suggestions?

  2. This question does not relate to this post, and is most likely related to the WordPress settings on your site. I cannot really debug your WP set-up, best take it to the WP support site.

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