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research & development with new technologies (or “romping and digging”)


Rendering RSS inside Media Wiki

I’m just getting my feet wet with customizing MediaWiki for several NMC projects- sure it is easy to set up and install out of the box, dump the flower logo for your own, but there is sure a lot of stuff under the hood. There are a lot of flexible editing codes if you can […]


Google Module: WordPress Search

After I made up the terms “inward/outward aggregating”, Tim Lauer expounded on possibilities for his school to use Google Personalized Home page. After looking at the ever-expanding collection of Google Modules, seeing they are just little (or not so little) chunks of XML, I began getting the urge to tinker, to see how complicated it […]



flickr fotoStranger Things Have Happenedavailable on my flickr I am still bleed Apple colors, but I have a new TabletPC for working with some new pen based applications (see what is on the screen. It’s a strange world indeed I’m still trying to get familiar with the TableTC environment with this new HP tc1100… no […]