I am still bleed Apple colors, but I have a new TabletPC for working with some new pen based applications (see what is on the screen. It’s a strange world indeed

I’m still trying to get familiar with the TableTC environment with this new HP tc1100… no I am not abandoning my primary development on my Powerbook– this machine was purchased specifically to be able to do some R&D work with TableTC applications, primarily the MagicPaper on that we are piloting as part of our participation in the MIT iCampus Project.

To that end, I am creating a new “R&D” category on this blog as I delve into these new technologies.

The pen based mousing makes me feel like I’ve gone back to my first trackpad experience. The device is pleasently tiny, yet the swiveling screen back and forth is not quite natural, but should come with time. I have already used it to write some meeting notes, and there is soemthing attractive about not pecking notes as letters (as a horrific keyboarder I am) and instead writing by hand on the screen.

Anyhow, MagicPaper is an interesting application designed for teaching Physics. The Tablet is used to create primitive objects (balls, walls, slopes) etc, assign them material properties, connect them with things like springs and ropes, and then apply forces. You set them up, and then set it in motion, and more or less, it is a virtual physics lab. I’m just messing around making silly Rube Goldberg like apps, but I am very interested in getting this into the hands and eyes of our physics faculty.


This is just my first MagicPaper attemp before it is set in motion… I’m trying to figure out how to do some screencasts to record how these are built.

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  1. Congrats on the tablet. I’ve used a Toshiba Portege M200 for about 18 months, and I’ve just upgraded to a Tecra M4. The Portege has a much better form factor, but the great big Tecra is also faster, and the bigger screen is addictive. Better functionality all round, with even an S-Video out for insta-TV playback. I tried out the HP 1100, loved the screen, didn’t like the XGA limitation, and found the pen interface much less responsive than the Toshiba’s.


  2. Thanks– it was really only to try out this MagicPaper app… and I left my self at the mercy oif our purcashing department for the recommendation. It’s good to know there are better pens.

    So tell me how you use the Tablet? Are there any must have apps?

  3. Thanks for the pointer to Magic Paper, Alan.
    I’ve been using my Tablet (Gateway) for a year now, and am very impressed. Personally I largely rely on the Tablet functions for meetings, using OneNote, and for reading, especially on airplanes.
    I’ve seen students use it for notetaking, doodling, storyboarding, and writing.
    The art programs are tantalizing, if young. Maybe Acrylic will have Tablet functionality.
    Not enough games, though.

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