WordPressed 1.5.2

After running the minor upgrade for WordPress from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2, I can say their process is rather easy. I still smile when you run the upgrade script at it says “Step 1. It may take a while though, so be patient.”, then it completes and says “There’s actually only one step. So if you see this, you’re done. Have fun”.

You have to like (well not really but I do) software that has a sarcastic personality, its what I have always liked about flickr (“Yes, I have read the fascinating terms of agreement”), well maybe before they riled up the masses. On the other hand, what sort of vibe do you get from a MS Office install?

WordPress upgrades are pretty no-brainer. What I do not like for a minor upgrade is their suggestion:

* Delete your old WP files, saving ones you’ve modified
* Upload the new files

So I have to gamble that I can actually remember which files I have modified (more than a handful and I’ve not done much to the template), and where all the plug-ins are sitting? If I had my way, and upgrade would come with the basic list of files changed since the last version. That would help sooooomuch. I still take that approach by sorting the directory contents by date modified, and only uploading files that are newer than the ones on my server. I think there were maybe 9 files that needed upgrading out of some maybe 100+ files in the distribution.

Oh well, I tried to stick to not grumbling complaining about anything else this week. And I still love WordPress.

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  1. Yeah… I never delete the files ahead of time. I just overwrite them with the new ones. No troubles so far (touch wood). Makes it pretty easy. Just be sure not to nuke your stuff in /wp-content

  2. Am I correct, then, that it’s probably safe just to hit “update” in Fantastico and let ‘er rip?

    I will do a backup (using a WP backup utility whose name I forget–how quickly they forget) of the db, but your comments make me think that my modded stuff won’t be overwritten by the upgrade. True?

  3. Sorry Gardner, I do not know how Fantastico does its updates (I did discover it lurking on a domain I own for personal use-its a pretty powerful utility for installing just about anything!)…

    I would not be too concerned- the only things you might have changed are the template files in your wp-content directory.

    I have changed a number of other files because I like to fiddle…

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