After All, Wiki Does Mean Quick

Two days ago, a colleague at one of our colleges asked me what wiki software our district provides.

I responded, “none” (In Maricopa, such services are hosted at each college), but I took the opportunity to suggest that he try one of the free, externally hosted ones to experiment and flesh out some content or ideas. Like PBWiki. It seems to make sense to use the freebies before deciding on an Enterprise Institutional Official Wiki.

So how cool it is less than a day later than James shares with not only me, but his colleagues, his Glendale Community College’s Wiki for Spanish students, where it looks like he is providing web resources that correspond to the chapters in his textbook. He says that ChapterTres has the most so far.

I am not sure of his plans, but I can envision having his other Spanish faculty, even students, help co-author this resource.

Go, Wiki, Quickly! It’s nice to see the first steps of something that may fly.

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  1. Thanks again, Alan, for the help. My goal is to have other instructors and students post as much content as possible. Do you remember your high school Spanish class and the silly songs you sang to remember the stem-changing verbs? After all these years, you still remember them. I can still do the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish that I learned as a sophmore. That’s what I want to capture, besides the web-content. Everyone has these little tricks for learning, but they only get passed on to a relatively small number of students. What if you could tap into all those silly songs–enough to fill an iPod. ¡Hablarías perfecto en poco tiempo!

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