One More On Spam

All this spam is bad for my cholesterol ;-) The prolific blog spammer “phuong” (at least 150 spam servings in the last month) is curious since he/she/it are not leaving any URLs in the spam insertion attempt, only a cryptic message like:

Xin choa, Minh den tu HK, minh mong muon luoc lam quen vui tat ca tac ban. Thanks you

What might be the point here?

My guess it is a foraging expedition- a script cranks these out so see what cracks phuong can find in comment spam, and then use search tools to find the sites where he/she/it has gotten the cryptic string inserted on a blog. That easily builds a record of Blogs With Possible Spam Holes. It would certainly open the door for WordPress users that require one approved comment to open the moderation door, and inadvertently approve one of these (or the cousins that write “Nice blog”)

But sorry “phuong”, I have mixed up more than few of your letters in my example above, and none of your weasel eyed attempts has gotten passed SpamKarma.

Phong You, Phuong

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