Flickr Photos Requested

Twice this week I’ve gotten requests to use some of my flickr photos (and ironically both photos were taken in San Diego, but on different trips) for use on other web sites. The first was asking to use my Gaslamp photos (1 and 2) for a San Diego tourist guide site (sorry, I lost track of the site).

But weirder was a request from Starwood Lobby, a site that publishes “unbiased” reviews and photos of hotels, to use a photo they said I had taken at the Westin in San Diego, where I stayed this past January for the EDUCAUSE/ELI conference.

I was a bit stumped trying to remember what I took of in terms of a photo of the hotel until I looked at the link– it was the impulsive photo I had taken of the Two Headed Shower in my room:

Two Heads Are Better Than One

It is a small step closer to one of my 43Things.

It’s flattering to get the requests, and yet totally unnecessary since all of images are all licensed under Creative Commons. But flattery works.

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