I cannot believe how lucky I am to get so many valuable offers for everything un-imaginable– people I do not even know are nice enough to personally email me with great things to improve my life:

You’ve been nominated,

Thanks to a private nomination, you are now eligable to obtain an official University Degree.

Obtain a prosperous future, increase money-earning power, and the enjoy the prestige that comes with having the career position you’ve always dreamed of. The degree will be awarded to you based on your present knowledge and life experience, bachelors, masters, phd and more are available.

If you are serious about this, please call us back ASAP at 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx


Andrew Xxxxxxxx – MBA, PhD – MBA, PhD
-Admissions Officer

Wow, I can get an official University degree! And just to think of all those years I wasted attending classes, writing papers, doing research, and paying tuition, when all I need to do is call Andrew!

I am such a lucky dog… and apparently spelling is not a big deal at Andrew’s University Shop:

you are now eligable to obtain

My kind of Skoool!

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