Just randomly clicking the new feature links at the bottom of my flickr collection brought me to something I should get around top doing- getting a backup. Hey, what if Yahoo falls into the ocean?

Englaze Archive will create a data DVD backup of your original flickr photos, the original uploaded sizes, and preserve titles and captions (not comments). It costs US$29.95 for the first 1000 photos and then $4 for each next set of 1000 (I am now at only 954).

I will likely order one pretty soon. Just in case.

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  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    aren’t the originals already in iPhoto?

  • Not so, for several reasons:

    * I find iPhoto bogs down and even gets wonky once there are say 800 photos, and I end up archiving them to CD and cleaning out iPhoto

    * I collect photos on both my home and work computer, and only a smaller number find their way to flickr. I guess I could archive to CD on my work computer, but my home one is an older iBook sans a SuperDrive.

    * Somewhere among the pile of CDs in a cabinet are specific photos. I am finding that pile unmanagable, and am thinking of perhaps keeping a copy on a hard drive.

    * I have photos from other places on flickr (camera phone, though those are such crappy quality, not sure if I want them)

    I guess I like the notion of having an organized back up of my flickr photos. Maybe it is the weight of un-committed resolutions.

    While I have the microphone, what else I am looking for is a good service for making quality enlargements, maybe even mounted, from digital photos, and not at the raging prices of our local photo labs. I’m wanting to get some of the better ones framed.