Podless Surrealism

I’ve been using my iPod shuffle for exercising and playing through my car stereo (Transpod FM transmitter) for almost a year now. I’ve only listened to radio under duress or forgetfulness.

But the last few weeks, I’ve left the pod home and re-inserted some CDs. This is only because I am trying to sell the 1999 VW Bug (low miles! great body shape! Flower Vase!), and I wanted to be sure the stereo on multidisc changer worked well.

The surreal moment was driving to work (last week when I had to drive to work at my “old” job), and I was saying, “Wow, this random shuffle is sure bringing me a whole lot of Stevie Ray Vaughan songs in a row” when I realized the reason for this was it was on a CD, that old technology that played the songs in the same order.

Now where did I leave those 8-Tracks?

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  1. Alan, we miss you already. :-) My factory stereo in my ’03 SUV has a six disc changer that plays songs in random order, although it’s funny, I too still listen to my iPod through a crappy FM transmitter. Here’s the kicker (or pure laziness, you decide) I also have a Kenwood Music Keg (20 gig) installed in the same vehicle. Still, what do I listen to: iPod via a crappy FM transmitter. Why? You ask. Well, I haven’t bought a CD in over 5 years and that darn keg requires a PC to sync and all my music is on a Mac in iTunes. If only I could plug it in like my iPod and watch it sync automatically. That would be sweet.

  2. Maybe you could get big USB external harrd drive to move tune from the Mac to the PC to the Music Keg (love the name), but even that sounds like heavy lifting.

    There’s one word for un-needed technology:


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