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Window Vignettes
Window Vignettes
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There is some sort of story told in these window reflections, I am just not sure what they are.

I’m in San Francisco for 2 days of NMC meetings… if time allows, I am eager to get out on the streets with my camera.

My memories roll back to my first visit here in the late 1980s as a graduate student for a GSA conference (no, not the organization that sells cookies– that is the Geological Society of America).

I was so taken my the city here, I spent my first day just walking– every darn hill and sight. I walked Nob Hill, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Market St, out the Golden Gate… I walked until my leg hurt and I walked more.

But that amount of free time is not happeninf this trip, so I am left to taking reflection shots out of my hotel window. Still, a pretty good place to be.

Tech Update / Surprise: Woah. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport now has free wireless access… wahoo! It used to be only T-Mobile$$$ but now it is free! free! free!

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  1. Agreed. Triply so.

    We got something a bit beyond that- we had a great lunch meeting with some of the curator and education staff (they are the source of the original Pachyderm software), took them on a virtual tour of the NMC place in Second Life.

  2. And definitely check out the de Young Museum. Amazing. And the Exploratorium. And the Palace of Fine Arts. And hike up to Coit Tower. And walk down Market from the Apple Store to the Ferry Terminal Building. And hang out in Union Square. And hit Girardelli headquarters. And have a drink at the top of the Marriot. And… man. I could spend a month in The City…

  3. And… I iwish! There’s hardly any time on this trip, the weather is gorgeous, crisp, phorogenic clear, and its killing me. Well, I did one of these (several times at the top of the Hyatt).

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